My Life IS Following MY Words!😳

I am remembering a specific time in my romance with Jesus, it was the summer after our twins graduated high school and we had taken them to Mexico as a gift. Jesus opened my eyes to His luring in 2013 and I have songs to mark seasons in this journey and that summer trip song was Words by Hawk Nelson. To quote the song lyrics a little this is what God started showing me… “Words can build us up, words can break us down. Start a fire in our heart or put it out. Let my words be life, let my words be truth, I️ don’t want to say a word unless it points to You!”. Those lyrics started me really considering my words more, at least toward others.  

I recall very clearly, times when I had a sentence planned to speak and as it was coming out Jesus changed the words I used. I didn’t even realize that was possible until it happened to me! Over the years I’ve gotten to where choosing my words carefully is now more of my pattern, again at least to others. What I realized today was how my words toward my own health have not been full of life. I had a car accident January 2016 and it has thrown me into a ton of neck problems, some that hubby and chiropractic can’t fix. Not only that, but there is no surgery to repair it, there are options to manage the swelling and pain associated with it. I’ve had many rounds of steroids and if you’re familiar you’ll understand that they help less and less time each round. So the next option is ablations and I had that done the day before Thanksgiving. With steroids, the swelling is down and pain nearly gone in two days… not the case with this. As I was struggling with pain this morning, I started asking God some serious questions about faith and healing and me. That is when He started replaying things I’ve been saying about myself😳😔🤔. 

That’s when I saw many conversations I’ve had with people where I’ve truly given myself a “curse”. I was talking to a patient of ours the day before, he isn’t a believer so he struggles to see life and death, pain and suffering as I do (most of the time anyway). He is about 15 years older than me and has taken pretty good care of his body, he has even climbed Mt Scott in thelast year! When I told him my age, he said I was just a youngin’ and that life didn’t look too promising for me. I can’t recall the exact words he used but they were words of a cursed life of pain, one that sounded horrible to me. I immediately told him that I was not in agreement with those words, actually I rebuked their hold on me. I told him I was a daughter of the King and in Jesus name that was not true for me. That conversation led me to talk to Jesus this morning about this. 

Today I stand at a crossroads in my life. How do I speak about myself and what is really true? We have all kinds of symptoms in our bodies, I rarely talk to anyone that they don’t hurt somewhere most days. That being said, where do children of God focus? How do we speak about our own sufferings? And, should we speak about them at all? I’m headed to a conference in Dallas this weekend, I’m pretty excited about it! The speaker is Neuroscientist and best selling author Dr. Caroline Leaf. I’ve seen some of her stuff on TV, I’ve read some of two of her books, Switch On Your Brain and The Perfect You, and I’ve downloaded her 21 Day Brain Detox App.  I’m excited to be here in person to learn, I learn best this way. It’s all about reprogramming our Neuro-pathways to live life to the full, healthy, and more whole, in other “words”, speak life over ourselves and back it up with truth from God’s Word. 

I am sick and tired of being sick and tired, as my mom used to say. The lies I’ve spoken over my health become null and void today! That is a good place to be, for me. And the timing of His revelation of how I’ve talked about my body as if it won’t ever have healing will NOT bring healing. This weekend should be a start of speaking life over my body, after all it IS the temple so I want to care for it as such. I’m praying God blesses me with revelation this weekend to know the next step toward full physical restoration. I say I believe in miracles, I think it’s time my words follow what I say I believe, right?! I’ll let you know what new tools I get from this teaching, the timing couldn’t be better! Pray you all have a blessed weekend!❤️

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