Our Daughters Moved Back In😳

We were empty nester’s for a year and we didn’t hate it! We had kids within two years after getting married and so we’ve been looking forward to the time in life when it was just the two of us again. The first part of the year was tough, it fell during our 25th year of marriage, but by fall we were in a rhythm. We’re well into winter now and both of our daughters have reclaimed space in our home😳.

I told people I doubted our kids would ever move back in but guess what, I was wrong! And I am grateful to say I am glad I was wrong. Hubby and I needed the year that we had together to rekindle some old flames but now it is time to show our girls what love is supposed to look between husband and wife. We have always loved each other dearly and I would say that he has been my best friend for 28+ years, but we went through some rocky times over the last several years. I think illness wears on a family, especially a husband and wife team. I was really sick for at least 8 years and it was tough. We didn’t have much family time, must less one-on-one time so the last year alone was desperately needed. Now that we have gotten to know one another again, and our selves again, it will make this arrangement much healthier and more fun (I think).

As soon as the girls got moved in, Hubby got his opening to put our house on the market. We bought our house as a flip house, it is much to large for just he and I. On the other hand, it is a really good size house for 4 adults living together. I wasn’t even sure it was time to move, much less look for less square footage. Hubby thinks it is the perfect time to put it on the market, so here is our new adventure…sell our house and find the perfect downsized home that we all will still feel comfortable living together in. Sometimes I wonder if we are part nuts! We found a house that I think was really good and made an offer but because we didn’t have our house sold, we lost it. At that time our house wasn’t even on the market, now it is. After a week of working on it in most of our spare time, today we it was placed on the market. Now finding a house has become our distraction and priority. It is not fun to put your house on the market! People want to come and see it when they want to come so it has to be show ready all the time. I’m not excited about that process at all! I hope looking for a new home is a really fun process so I don’t have to think about how frustrating this end of it is.

Another adventure we started is we added a new puppy to our lives! Her name is Millee Mae and she is adorable. Hubby picked the breed, found her, and now she is ours! She is a Havanese breed, 3 month old adorable thing that weighs less than 5 pounds. She will only get to somewhere around 10-12 pounds at her largest. She is silly and funny and beautiful and I am so grateful we got her. Millee brings a new level of joy to our home and I hear laughter ringing throughout the house at all times of the day, it is beautiful!! I will put a picture of her on the bottom.

I wanted to catch you up tonight, I am missing school. I started feeling really yuck at work today and left early to come home. I still feel pretty bad with nose and eyes running, flushed, chills, and soreness. My throat started hurting a little bit ago, I assume that is part of whatever I am dealing with tonight. I started taking colloidal silver and drinking fluids, plus high doses of vitamins C and D. I pray I am feeling better in the morning. Hope your January has been beautiful and filled with love and joy! God bless!

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