We Sold Our House!πŸ‘πŸΌπŸ‘πŸΌ

I’m so excited! We sold our house AND we got what we were asking!! Enough exclamations, but it really is fun. We bought this house for quite a bit less, but we redid every piece of wood, flooring, wall, and appliances. And most every ceiling, that is when we got really tired and we were done. As we were moving in, the renovation wasn’t complete and I was getting sick. We moved in this month, three years ago, it’s hard to believe. That was a hard year physically because that sick led to seven surgeries on my abdominal area and the recovery was just as bad. I’m realizing the older I get, the longer the recovery process.😳

This house has been a roller coaster home. What I mean by that is this: we were supposed to have 90 days before moving in to complete the renovation and ended up with 30, I got sick about 20 days into the rehab and started suffering from pancreatic attacks, the first year here I had to have seven surgeries to fix the original problem of stones stuck in my pancreatic duct, I had to start taking pain meds again (those are little devils if you ask me), because of illness, I lost my muscle again and spent the better part of a year in bed, hubby came to a realization that he needed to step down from ministry which he didn’t want to do but God told him to do, we had the fallout from that as I was sick and then recovering, my daily habits were (in this house) started as a lazy man and breaking those are hard!, I lost my best friend, we became empty-nesters, we celebrated our 25 years of marriage by renewing our vows to one another, we struggled HARD during that 25 year mark, we completed a sex challenge of 224 days in a row (the blog is here… justthe3ofus.wordpress.com) and blogged about it, we started a new church, we’ve grew a ton, we are returning to Joy, and life in the Ford family is about to take an exciting turn! I didn’t really know how else to give you the play by play so I shared it that way. It’s been a tumultuous home and a beautiful and restorative home. I pray the family that moves in will only find the peace that we are leaving with it.

During our 25th year we had a counselor that came to our home rather than us going to an office. One day she shared a vision she had and it looked something like this… she said she saw couples coming along our front path toward the door and as they were, rose bushes were growing up to meet them. The unique and beautiful thing about them was that they didn’t have thorns, it was like the thorns had been removed. As the couples walked into the home, marriages were healed. It was such a lovely picture but at the time she shared, hubby and I were not doing any healing and our house only knew lots of fighting and pain. It was a struggle to believe that could be a picture that would ever come true, but today I can say it did. Our marriage has been healed here. We had to get down into the deep-unto-deep conversations, it was very difficult. Our our work has paid off in the beautiful display of our marriage headed to a new level.

Sometimes I think that suffering is the best way to grow. Don’t get me wrong, I do not like suffering! As a matter of fact, I’d like to be done with it please, Daddy?. If I think back to just the last three years, and put it on paper as I have today, it takes on new life. Writing all of that down in one paragraph, and actually having many thoughts about what I could add, arouses a new level of gratefulness within me.

The faithfulness of our God to brighten even the darkest of days is what I choose to stand on. I have to tell you just how faithful He is, last year at the first of April, hubby was really frustrated with our financial situation. We weren’t hurting but it didn’t look as he wanted it to and because of things he was working through, he let his frustrations show with anger. In that anger though, he did what a God fearing man does, he asked God for what he wanted. It didn’t come true last year, not at all, but I saw glimpses of it coming and like I said, God is faithful! We are, on this tax day, exactly where hubby asked God for last year! And we’re buying a new house that we can grow old together in! God has been so faithful to our family and to our marriage. It would not be true if he hadn’t led me to seek Christ. It also wouldn’t be true if I didn’t encourage him to keep looking to Christ for his healing at times when he was discouraged. He leads me. I lead him. It creates a home of safety, peace, and love. God is good. Have a blessed day!

β€œSeek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and he will give you everything you need.”

‭‭Matthew‬ ‭6:33‬ ‭NLT‬‬

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