Blessed Beyond Reason♥️

Hubby and I married early, really early. He was 19 and I was 21. I know that it freaked out my mom and his parents but they all were so supportive and never really said much. I know that I felt supported by my mom even though she was married at 21 and her marriage was over by the time it was my turn. I always thought our kids would follow suit and find their mate early and we would have grandkids early. That has not been the case for us but I know that everything happens in the best timing of all, God’s.

Our youngest daughter Caylee has made choices for her life that are a bit different than the average American female. She and I have watched 19 Kids and Counting and now watch Counting On. These are reality shows of the Duggar family from Arkansas who have 19 children. They are a Christian family with tons of love for one another and God. The children have chosen to “court” as they have grown up and begun finding their life partners. As we watched these courtships, she made a decision that she wanted that kind of relationship, one that is focused on getting to know the other person without physical connection until after marriage. The Duggar’s go as far as the first kiss being on their wedding day and nothing more than hand holding, which doesn’t happen until engagement, ever. Though she is 23 now, she has followed her heart on that and only chooses to “date with a purpose” which is the definition of courting.

True to her own commitments, we had a young man come last week and ask permission to get to know our daughter, with a purpose. As a mom, I am so blessed and honored that she listens to us and has chosen this path. We all know this world is tough and dating a lot of men adds so much stress in life that she decided it wasn’t worth it. She also wants mom and dad’s thoughts. She has brought a few other men to us and frankly, they didn’t deserve her. She has gotten asked out so much that sometimes her picker wasn’t on point. This time however, it was exactly on point. Though her choice makes us a bit nervous, I sense such a peace in my heart and he seems to be the perfect match for her.

Now for the nervous part. He is from Cameroon, Africa. His name is Nate and he has been in the United States for two and a half years. She met him at some of our best friend’s house on the Fourth of July, a year after he’d arrived. Our friend’s parents have somewhat adopted Nate into their family from the first day they met him at church. They cannot say enough incredible things about him, first and foremost that he loves Jesus! As I said to our friend’s mom, that isn’t the only thing we have to consider here and we know that if we had too severe of reservations she wouldn’t let herself fall. That being said, we couldn’t find anything about him that wouldn’t be what we want for her. They met a long time ago and he has respectfully pursued her almost since that time. He is about to finish up his second Masters Degree and working two jobs for now. He does love God and he seems to adore our daughter, what could be better? One thing I think of is that our grandkids could end up somewhere besides the US. I can’t even fathom it! I do have a sister-in-law from Mexico and had another sister-in-law from Canada, I guess it runs in our family lineage to combine heritage from everywhere, only mine is the furthest away.😳

I have determined in my life that God hasn’t let me down yet so if this is His will, He will do whatever it takes to take care of our family. I love that our kids challenge me to think outside of the boxes I felt like I was raised in. I want them to live their life and follow their own journey to Jesus. The only way I believe we find Him is through our own journey. I tried for so long to live the ideal Muskogee family life. Though much of our life looks like that, our journey has been way tougher than I believed life could be. We all create a quality world idea as children and the expectation that creates causes so many things to look bad. What if, just what if it all was exactly what God intended to bring you to where you are today? Could you look at things in the future differently? What would you change today?

I wouldn’t change a thing. I am a highly blessed and favored daughter of the King of this world and He loves me. I know that whatever choices our kids make whether or not I would make that choice, it will lead them His love. Love is what I want them to have and know and so I will love them the best I know how. I want their journeys to be easier than the one their parents have had to endure. Even if our grandkids ended up in Africa, what I know to be true about God is that He will use it to draw us all closer to Him. We may end up doing mission work in Africa, who knows??

I will continue to rest in Jesus as He walks with our kids to find their ways. I know they all three have chosen Jesus and therefore, I can rest. And who knows, we may have little chocolate grand babies before we know it! (My daughter is the one who says that and I kind of love it!)

“…But as for me and my family, we will serve the Lord” Joshua 24:15♥️


  1. She is amazing. It was really od to see people living out of wedlock when I moved here 13 years ago as I went to catholic school and being a Muslim I have not seen this in Pakistan. I am glad she chose your path and God bless her. She would be very happy. A wonderful story to share. Thank you so much for sharing with us though.

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  2. Nate was my first ever roommate when I came to the U.S. We arrived in the U.S the same year. As my roommate, he has always been like a father and a big brother that I wasn’t opportuned to have. He always teaches me about God and encourages me to trust God no matter the situation I find myself. I was privileged to be the first person who could talk to about Caylee from when he first met her till now. I’m so happy to see their relationship go this far. Wishing them the best in the world. Love and prosperity.
    As for Caylee’s family, I can assure you your daughter is with a great man. You will never regret giving your daughter to Nate. He is a great man.

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  3. I decided to surprise Nate by commenting here. This morning I was telling my husband that a good friend and brother of mine found the love of his life. He said ” This is common” I replied ” Yes, but Nate is an exceptional man, and I believe the girl is very lucky to have him as husband to be.” I know Nate back in Cameroon, we were members of the same student Bible fellowship. Nate really love Jesus! Yes, I can testify. He love Jesus! He loves children of God, he is full of virtues, a good brother! I can confirm that your daughter found a man according to God’s heart. I am pretty sure that your family will celebrate God year after year as their marriage moves on. I am so happy for my friend and brother Nate. Couldn’t wish better than this for him. Nate you are blessed and the Lord still has a lot in store for you and your wife to be! I am confident that the world will hear about you both, because God will use your union as a model to win souls to him and glorify his name in this nation as well as in other parts of the world!

    Your friend Caroline from Maryland.

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    1. Caroline thank you. Both Doc and I are overwhelmed with the response to this great love story that God is building. I never could’ve imagined the Prince that God would choose for our Princess but I knew he would be special. I knew that because I know how special she is. We have protected her from the world as much as God would allow and she chose her path of purity, that is a rare find in this world at all. I always knew she would do great things, especially with children. Their heart to help orphans is mutual and divinely assigned. They will do many great things, beyond their own parents even! In Jesus name! When you all comment on here about him, a lifetime of stories, it is protecting our hearts, so thank you. We will all get to watch in amazement at the glory of our God! God bless you Caroline, in all you do. ♥️


  4. Nate was my house mate when we first came to USA. He is like a brother to me, he was like a father to us in the house and our cook 😊 , we shared alot together and indeed he is a great and awesome person who has always been there for us all in the house. Nate has a kind heart and he is a God fearing person. I was so happy when he sent me a picture of him with Caylee.. I so believe that Caylee made the right choice.. I wish them the happiest of life together ❤️❤️


  5. Nate is humble and God fearing. He is a role model to his younger siblings in the family and they always look up to him. As Nate’s brother in law, I would like to assure Caylee that Nate will always treat her as a queen. We are glad to have you as part of our family. Nate’s parents can’t wait to meet you. I wish you guys the best.

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  6. Nate was my classmate way back in middle school. Knowing him as a kind person he always cared for people and always was the righteous good person who was very welcoming and caring. With a kind heart he always showed concern and care to people. Congratulations to you both am so proud you found your true love May God bless your union and enrich you with all the fruits of marriage. Be blessed

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  7. Nate, I think a lot have been said about you my Son, all I know about you my Son is apart from school time you spend 80% or more of your time in Church doing work for Master Jesus Christ. I happen to know who you really are were while you were in Buea everything about you was Christ, I can also remembered when you visited me in Tiko. Nate is a very committed Son of ours, so I know and believe that their relationship is going to be a perfect one, with God everything is possible. I pray for God’s guidance, God’s protection and God direction. We all put our fingers cross hoping to see the chocolate BABIES and also to meet with you people at the appointed time set by God.

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