Loss of Safety

This world is getting crazier by the minute but until it hits you directly at home, it’s easier to ignore it. The division factor I am hearing the most about it masks and though I do not typically write about things like this, today I have to because it hit home for me. I’ve put things on Facebook about masks being ineffective and shared my beliefs about why they are even being worn right now when COVID 19 has been less deadly than the annual flu. I actually believe that masks are causing more illness than they are preventing because the masks I see others wearing are filthy! Carrying germs from one day to the next is ridiculous. I also realize that some people “feel” safer with them on and so I am fine if you choose to wear one. Like vaccinations, if you are wearing one then you should be safe from anything that I might breather so I don’t understand the extreme anger that some have toward those of us who choose to not wear a mask.

Yesterday, Oklahoma City passed a mandate that all citizens are to wear a mask upon entering any establishment until September 8. I’m very angry about that. I am an adult that makes pretty good decisions for myself, of course the Holy Spirit gets the credit for that. Why is it that I don’t get to make the decision for myself to not hide my face? Why is it that our government believes they have the right to make me cover my mouth, thus shutting down my voice? That has been one of my greatest regrets in life, that I haven’t spoken out because of trauma as a child that kept me believing I had to hide to be accepted. Now, the government is telling me that I have to cover my mouth again and in many ways it feels like they are saying to me that I don’t have a voice anymore. That is one of my biggest issues with masks but that is only one.

I have done my research and read more than a lot of those I know, simply because I am a lawyer’s daughter and so I know that I need my facts straight to prove my argument. I know that filthy masks do absolutely no good in protecting anyone and I see filthy masks everywhere. I know that particles will still come through the fabric of the majority of masks that I see people wearing and so that does no one any good either. I know that I see people wearing masks below their noses and around their neck when they start getting bothered by it, that does no good. I knwo that once you touch anything that has particles of the virus on it and then touch your mask, you have just spread it to yourself and it is now on the outside so as your breath goes through the fibers you are actually spreading something that you might not even have yet. I know the predictions for Oklahoma were 30,000 deaths from this virus and a few days ago we were at 432. Those are the things that I know are true. Those things alone are enough to say to me that I do not want to wear a mask.

If that wasn’t enough, for me personally there are so many more reasons that I refuse to wear a mask and are the basis for my own truth. I am afraid of people in masks. We, as a society, have been raised to be fearful of masks, why? Because people behind masks have no expression to offer and could be up to something sinister. I was abused therefore I use expression to evaluate if what the person speaking to me is saying lines up with what they really mean. Abused people do that because they are always watching to see if someone is genuine. This new law just removed my ability to feel safe because I can’t see what someone is really thinking and that, to me, is scary. I was doing okay when I could go into my own place of business, a building we own, and not have to wear a mask. Now my husband has to make a decision about following the rules or not, and if he does I can’t even go and see him there.

Since when did it become okay for our government to tell us what to do in our own place of business within a building that we pay for? I don’t understand how people are not seeing the truth and what the enemy is doing to us. I don’t understand how the media has so much power to instill fear in our land to get us to follow such stupidity. I don’t plan to comply thus my money will be spent on an app to get the things I need rather than being spent locally so we keep our people employed. How sad is that?

Those are all personal things, I get it. But God knows what is going on behind the scenes and He knows the “powers that be” are gaining control of the people of the United States. They are figuring out who will comply with Socialism and who will not. They are watching and I will be someone they will watch, I get it. But I have to stand my ground here and realize that I have a purpose and following along with stupidity is not a part of that purpose. I don’t know how things will work out but I know that they will because our God is Sovereign and still in control. He knows what they are doing and though it will happen, according to Revelations, I believe He is calling His people up to do what’s right and maintain the freedom we were born into as an innate right in this country. I hope that others will join with me for their own reasons and for their purpose in the Kingdom.

For we are not fighting against flesh-and-blood enemies, but against evil rulers and authorities of the unseen world, against mighty powers in this dark world, and against evil spirits in the heavenly places. Ephesians 6:12 NLT


  1. Amen 🙏🏻. You are absolutely 💯 accurate. I wholeheartedly totally agree 💯 with you. I’m fearful of people wearing masks for the same reason you are. No socialism people☠!!! Our Saviors got us 🙌🏼. Thank you so very much for sharing… Blessings 🌹💕

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