Life has changed! I haven’t written on here like I used to but it’s coming into a season of writing for me and I wanted to catch my original audience up first! Thank you for being patient with me. I know I haven’t written a lot but please know that God has been walking me through a season of quiet maturing. It’s been challenging at times, it’s been thrilling at times, but most of all it’s brought Hubby and me into a new chapter in life and we are grateful and super excited! I’m elated to be where I am and equally grateful for the challenges I’ve walked through.

Our greatest new adventure is our perfect grandbaby, Elizabeth Ann Kristina! Her name says it all, it means “Oathed to God, Princess, Follower of Christ”, what could be more appropriate for our grandchild?!? She arrived in late October and came into this life in perfect peace. She was born in our home. It was so incredible to watch our daughter and her hubby walk through labor without the nurses and doctors coming in and out. They played worship music, she sat in a pool most of her labor, and she birthed Elizabeth as women were created to give birth. I was gifted with being a part from start to finish and no one told us what to do anywhere along the way. I can tell you with all sincerity, I have no idea where Caylee got her courage from, but she definitely impressed this momma and made me more courageous by her example. Caylee and James Jurewicz have now joined the world of parenting and we are so proud of them!

From reading our history, you may know that I left Hubby in December 2019. It was the hardest decision I have ever made in my life, but it was exactly what we needed. After working through a reconciliation program, we got back together and the growth in our home has continued. We are now in a season where endurance is leading to the ministry God put in our hearts years ago. Last year I attended a ministry night in Edmond called Beautiful Restoration (BR). The name alone says it all. The plan and purpose of this ministry from the beginning is restoring relationships to God first, and then to one another in every way that the enemy has stolen. It is a ministry of love, Truth (BIble), and Spirit. We teach people how to know the Word of God and then use the authority Jesus has given us to speak life into our own lives, and the lives of those that God so graciously brings into our path. I had no idea, when I attended my first evening, I would find my “home” but I did.

Shortly after I started attending regularly, Hubby started seeing me come back to life again. With all we have faced in this world, it’s been a struggle to remain hopeful and he was seeing hope in my eyes again. BR was a game changer for me so he wanted to discover what it was all about for himself. He attended one time with me but wasn’t sure he would be a regular because there are so few men who attend. As he continued coming alongside he fell in love with the hearts of those who lead us. He knew it was the real deal and now he plays a major role among the men in the ministry. I’ve prayed for years that God would fulfill Proverbs 31:23 in his life and that I would be a proper wife for him to never be concerned with my choices. He is a man of integrity and truth, he loves God, Jesus, and Holy Spirit, and when he speaks, he has a lot to share worth hearing.

When we arrived at BR, what we brought was 30 years of training for marriage, much of what saved us in the worst crisis we’d faced. And we brought a love for God, people, and marriage restoration, as well as a healthy study of Scripture. Our mission for many years has been to minister to married couples. We know God has that calling on our lives, which is probably why we had to understand how it can get so bad at home that separation becomes an option. We are all human and need accountability and others to come alongside. When we separated, we were in a very dry season and didn’t have trusted people around us to offer that to us. Gratefully, we worked on our marriage from the beginning and were not afraid to seek help when our marriage was in it’s darkest season. That was what saved us, but for those marriages not founded on constant work, they need others to come alongside to help them choose marriage covenant. We knew one day God would open the door for us to offer that, we just didn’t realize it would be so quickly. Hubby and I now lead the vein of BR that ministers to married couples, what a blessing!

Life has changed. We are busier than we have been in several years. God has us ministering to singles and couples alike. We want to see people made whole so that marriages are thriving and not merely surviving. That requires time, energy, and most of all a heart for the broken hearted. God is training us up for His purpose, and we are being obedient as we navigate this new season. BR, for me, has been a place to find His full healing and where I was called up to be the leader that I know God created me to be. I stand now in awe as I “rest” in God and watch Him take care of details as I walk in His Presence each day. He knows each of us so intimately and His plan for our life is already figured out, our job is to be still, and know that He is God. (Psalms 46:10).

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