Too Wonderful for Words!

This morning as I was praying and preparing to write I asked God what He wanted me to share because I am so excited to tell you about our trip to Cancun but I have so many words that it is difficult to narrow. I kept hearing the word, “words”. I looked on YouVersion to find a scripture that would fit what is in my heart and here’s what I found…

“Thank God for this gift too wonderful for words!” 2 Corinthians 9:15

The gift of this vacation was too wonderful for words and all I can do is say Thank You!!!  I believe that last weekend was the best weekend of my life! When we got there we were greeted with a glass of sparkling wine and from that minute forward they did everything for us, I felt a little like a celebrity. We got the opportunity to upgrade to a Casita with a private pool and decided at half price it was worth it. The resort where we stayed was aptly named The Beloved, an all-inclusive, all adult resort in Cancun and I beloved it! Our Casita was in the building named Linda which our bellman told us meant Beautiful, Hubby wanted to know if that was really true so we googled it almost immediately.  I can tell you I fully used the value of the upgrade in that pool, so much so that Hubby’s mind ran wild with ideas of us getting a pool. We spent a lot of time on the terrace and in our pool, but we also enjoyed the Cabana that Hubby splurged for that was situated directly in front of the ocean. It was perfect! It is very appropriate that I put a cover on my phone last week that reads, “Blessed by God Spoiled by my Husband” because he spoiled me with this trip! It was so calm and serene I was continually thanking God for the opportunity to be there.

We spent most of our days lying on the beach, swimming in the ocean, reading books aloud to one another, discussing what we read, and dining on incredible food. We took naps on our terrace (there was a bed on everyone’s balcony and terrace!) and naps in our room, that is NOT a normal thing for me! I have this thing called FOMO, fear of missing out, and when I am fully on, I don’t have time for naps but there it called for it. I didn’t miss anything! I could spend all day writing about the incredible amenities of this place but the real story is the intimacy Hubby and I took to another level with one another and with God.

When we booked the weekend, our plan was to go somewhere that we could enjoy one another and nature, someplace peaceful where we would be allowed the opportunity to go to another level in our relationships. God being our first and foremost relationship we were each seeking because that is where we find peace. We both make Him first at the start of each day but vacation allows us the opportunity to really seek Him on a new level, together. We have endearingly termed Hubby’s travel mode as “Vacation Matt” and with that Hubby there is so much opportunity to become more intimate because he is so open for God to do amazing things and he doesn’t spend near as much time worrying about “What if?”.

The new level we explored this vacation was in the form of a book I am reading called “The Road Back to You” that I was inspired to read after our church’s women started a book study on the second book called, “The Path Between Us”. I read the book study one but I wanted more depth because when we can see the differences in how we perceive the world, we can love others in a profound way. At first we were each reading our own books but we found ourselves so intrigued by what we were reading that we kept interrupting the other’s reading to share our discovery. I suggested we take turns reading our books to one another and that was so cool! We determined from my book that Hubby is definitely the personality of a 6w5 and I am a 7w8. I know you probably have no clue what that means so I am sure I have intrigued you, I highly recommend you read the book. If you are a person who likes to understand yourself and others, it will be worth the read. In learning about our personalities, we bonded in a way that I don’t think many married couples do. When I know how Hubby thinks and why he does things the way he does, it is a lot healthier for me to read things through that filter rather than my own way of seeing things. For instance, Hubby is motivated to do things for a VERY different reason than I am and though we might do something exactly the same way, WHY we did them is like daylight and dark. We discussed how we believe our differences are what makes us work so well, I fill in his gaps and he fills in mine. When we travel, I feel safe knowing he has taken care of details that I would probably forget to handle and sometimes I end up in a mess like the time I got to San Diego for work and went to get my rental car and my license was expired, he handles little details like that for me and having that is a gift! At the same time, because he is always looking at the details, he has a hard time relaxing and trusting God that everything is going to work out and I have this uncanny ability to offer that. This weekend I could see in his eyes that he was resting and trusting and he seemed overwhelmed with gratitude because as He always does, God performed new miracles in our bond. To say the least, our trip was fantastic! Hubby and I have been prepared by God to face the day-to-day, resting in Him and one another as we see what God is going to do with it all.

But all vacations must come to an end.

We returned to full reality about 20 minutes after we got home around 1am : when we left town we left instructions for our 23 year old who lives with us to go to the grocery store and replenish some basics, as there was only enough coffee for one more pot. We didn’t leave a list, that was our bad. But, she’s a 23 year old woman, she would know that if she uses the last of the coffee and her parents plane doesn’t even land until 11:30 PM, she would need to replace it, right? I didn’t guard my words or my frustration as well as I would like to have when I woke her up and instructed her that she needed to figure out how to have coffee in our kitchen by the time her dad woke up for work this morning. Thank You God for not being finished with me yet. Welcome home…

While we were there we decided this is going to be an annual trip and the perfect time of year for that is March, when we celebrate our anniversary. I am already excitedly anticipating next March, seven months and counting!

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