The Mountains with Hubby

One of the coolest things about Hubby and I is how we dream together. I don’t have a clue if it is common for other couples to be this way or not, but we actually talk about our dreams to one another regularly. Every time we enter and leave mountain country,  the conversation immediately goes to how we will make our lives work for us to move there as quickly as possible. We have looked at populations, amount of chiropractors, schools, and all kinds of facts to decide where we would land. Honestly, I don’t know if that dream will become a reality, but for the two of us it is still the dream of our hearts.

We traveled to the mountains this past weekend together so we had our dream come up, yet again. We both love the mountains so very much and we think we want to live there so we dream about it. That isn’t the only dream we have though, Hubby is an incredible chiropractor! I didn’t used to know that, it took me getting sick and then after recovering going to work with him. I’ve worked off and on in our practice for five years now and I have heard some incredible stories from patients he has treated over the years. I’ve witnessed hundreds of people get out of pain and back into life because of what Hubby is gifted to offer them. That WAS his dream, now that I am older and wiser, that is OUR dream. When we got married, I had more marketable skills with my undergrad and Hubby had always wanted to be a chiropractor, so I went to work and Hubby went to Chiropractic school. When we started we had all three kids and the twins were newborn. I told him that I would work him through school but didn’t plan on three under three when he started, so I had to work fast and hard to survive. I started a Mary Kay career (for the second time) when the twins were six weeks old. I won a car four months later and became a director four months after that. Hubby helped me in every aspect of my business except sales and recruiting. When he graduated, he got sick – could have died sick – and it slowed the process of his career so I went back to work. I like to work, it always gave me a sense of pride when I would win awards or be the top producer. It always took Hubby’s help for me to win. Now, it is his turn and we are dreaming in his business together. (Which is why I say the mountain dream might not happen, but God…)

Hubby has created such a great place of healing for his patients but we have grown out of our space so now our dream of owning a building for his practice is becoming a reality. How exciting huh?? We started a family so early and I worked hard rather than smart because I didn’t support that dream and work with Hubby, and then ended up sick. We set our lives up “out of order”. By that I mean that our original dream was for Hubby to be our support financially and instead of letting God grow that in His time, I opted to do it myself but much faster. That wasn’t good for any of us and the results were even worse. After all these years, his dreams are coming true and I am so excited about it!

Dreaming together could be a key piece in how God has combined our hearts together because He has. I can’t fathom my future without Hubby anymore than I wouldn’t be able to see him in my past. Our dreams are together. I could never achieve any of my dreams without Hubby’s love and support behind me all the way and I believe he feels the same way about things, so we dream together and work together toward our dreams. This is an exciting year of change in every aspect of our lives and yet, he and I are breezing through this one with a lot more skill than any in the past. Dreaming, and seeing our dreams become realities in our lives has been the key, along with knowing that God has done it all! I am resting more than I ever have and dreams are still coming true. I think this morning God wanted me to see the hope, and from writing to you today, I have found some. Thank you Jesus.

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