Up Out of the Water

Hi! I know I am not writing as much lately, it isn’t because Daddy and I aren’t talking all the time. This has been a rather stressful last few weeks, as much as I love to travel I am ready for a reprieve from it! Actually, this past few weeks I feel as if God and I have found a new level and I am not even sure how to explain that. A lady I work with on learning more about God and who I am in Christ said she saw a picture of me on ice and standing still while God pushed me forward. It’s a cool picture to think about even if I am not sure what it means.

I know that I have changed quite a bit over the past few months. When I began a “growth spurt” in Christ a several years ago, I got frightened. A lot of things were coming together for me and things began to make sense but at such a rapid pace, it almost scared me into not reading the Bible for a minute. Gratefully, that is not the choice I made. Here I am several years later, and this pace He has me on is still a bit unsettling. I can hear His words come out of my mouth when my thoughts toward a person or situation was way different than the words I used. I have been able to write some emails that I have put off for years so that when I sent them, I got it right. I am discovering His truth and what His Kingdom looks like and how He wants me, just me, to bring His Kingdom here. I find myself falling more in love with God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit every day and I can’t even explain to anyone what that feels like. I know that way He reaches me is just for me.

Each day when I get into the shower, my mind and thoughts run to the feet of Jesus as I pray my morning prayer. It’s a prayer I got from Ransomed Heart Ministries and in it I lay my life down and give full access to Jesus for healing, comfort, strength, you name it! It isn’t a quick prayer, it typically takes me about 10 minutes but I can’t imagine a day in my life without laying my life down. What is 10 minutes in the scheme of 24 hours when it is humbling myself to all that God has for me that day and to ask Him for protection against the evil in our world?

Today, as I was praying, God gave me pictures in my mind. I don’t know if you see pictures but I guess that pictures are worth a thousand words so God uses them a lot with me, at least when I slow down enough to see them. In that morning prayer, I take my place in Jesus’ authority and throne whereby I am seated at the right hand of God and established in His authority. I asked God to show me what that looked like and He gave a passion filled answer by showing me Jesus coming up out of the water at His baptism and the sky opening up. You may know the story, I’ve heard it many times. All of a sudden I hear God saying, “This is my dearly loved Daughter who brings me great joy.” (Matthew 3:17) Only in that moment, I felt as if it was me rising up out of the water. I felt as if God was talking directly to me! He was telling me that I am in His Daughter, His Son is in me and I am the daughter in whom He loves and I bring Him great joy!

I have had a lot of stressers in my life the past few months. Kids making choices that challenge me to think bigger and love greater, a new puppy to train, our son home for a week, mid-term paper and mid-term exam last week (I got an 89!!), less sleep than usual, pain, you know, life. The biggest change I see God making in me is how I handle my stressers. I don’t do it well everyday, just ask Hubby. But, I can feel God helping me breathe and stay calm in the midst of chaos, pain and storm. My go-to is to panic which is why I know that God is making changes I didn’t even realize He was. Having so many things on your plate in life can be challenging and choosing where to give your energy when it is waning is even more difficult. The picture my friend gave me about the ice and God pushing me, that is kind of priceless. I’ve asked God to show me rest. When she gave me that picture, it felt like rest. When I came up out of the water and felt as if God spoke to me, that felt like rest. He has me. He has you. Our journey can tempt us to get off course but keeping our time with Him as a precious commodity and following through will always be worth it. I pray you find yourself in His presence today, it will bless every part of your life.♥️

After His baptism, as Jesus came up out of the water, the heavens were opened and he saw the Spirit of God descending like a dove and settling on him. And a voice from heaven said, “This is my dearly loved Son, who brings me great joy.”   Matthew 3:16-17

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