The Best I Can Offer My Marriage

This morning I was fed up! Not with Hubby or anything, but with the atmosphere in our home. I finally realized that Hubby and I were not alone! No, there wasn’t another person here, but I was really disconnected from the Holy Spirit and I hadn’t been talking with Him like I typically do. When I realized how my brain was jumping into conversations with people and I was getting offended at Hubby, I knew something was wrong and it wasn’t necessarily all me. We live in the concrete world, we believe that what we can see and feel and hear is more real than the Eden that God created where we walk and talk with Him in union. After reading the Bible several years and learning from incredible teachers, I know that we are not alone in this world and we can’t see the majority of what is real. There is a spirit world and the spirits that follow us, they know our childhood, our wounding, our life. They have followed us since we came into the world and they know how to turn our eyes away from Jesus. Before us, they followed our moms and dads and knew their weaknesses and generational stuff. I wasn’t hearing Jesus because we had so many other voices talking in our house that it drowned Him out and I hadn’t commanded them to leave.

When I thought about it, I remembered there had been other people here yesterday and I hadn’t sent their spirits home with them, they were stuck here because they were invited in. My training has been learning how to call on the authority given to me through my relationship with Jesus. The first thing I knew I needed to do was break soul ties and send their spirits to the work of Christ in their life and their human spirit back to them. I have dominion over all the foul and unclean spirits in my home by my authority in Christ and I get to command them to go. All of His kids do! As America has watered down Christianity, the authority of Christ has been abandoned by most. Churches claim that the book of Acts, where we received the Holy Spirit, and the miracles that the Apostles did in Jesus name were just for that day and time. I suggest that isn’t true at all. If God is the same yesterday, today, and forever, why would that change?

Now, to get to the marriage part. Just a few short years ago, Hubby and I were really broken. We are complete opposites and though it has served us well in business and raising kids, it isn’t always easy in the personal areas. Hubby’s personality doesn’t need other people much and he has a limited amount of energy and time, at least in his head. Also, he doesn’t need to talk much because that requires energy that he is saving up. My personality has unlimited energy when I am healthy and I definitely love to talk, it gives me energy and so do people. Before we knew these things about ourselves, we were always fighting to have it our way not realizing that our way was hurting the other one. When spirits are on the attack, we do not communicate well, the spirits of defensiveness and selfishness are speaking too loudly for us to put one another before ourselves. I have the gift to discern what spirits are lingering and the best thing I can offer my marriage is to recognize them, ask for a time-out while I send them on their way, and get in tune with Jesus. He is always there for us, for me, but when I don’t take the time to pray and use the authority He has given us all, I offer nothing but my own selfish desires to get my needs met.

I believe it is my duty in our marriage to learn and grow so that I can become the woman God created me to be, especially for Hubby. When I am not thinking on Him, I am definitely not offering that to anyone. His Word is clear and I choose to believe what it says to be the only truth. That doesn’t mean I always act like it, but I am sure giving it my all. Hubby told me a few years ago that he didn’t know another woman that loved Jesus as much as I do. The truth is that Hubby doesn’t “know” a lot of women but I will take it as a compliment. It was a gift to hear that from him for sure. I do love Jesus and I want to make Him proud that He chose me. Hubby is on his own journey with Jesus, but I can promise that He is chasing Him too because it is tough to keep a woman who love Jesus without chasing after Him yourself. Thank you Hubby for offering me your strength by spending time with God and serving me the way you do, I love you.

“Suddenly, there was a sound from heaven like the roaring of a mighty windstorm, and it filled the house where they were sitting. Then what looked like flames or tongues of fire appeared and settled on each of them. And EVERYONE present was filled with the Holy Spirit and bean speaking in other languages, as the Holy Spirit gave them this ability.” Acts 2:2-4

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