Cement Walls OR Chain Link Fences

Over the past several weeks, I keep seeing a picture of a large green lawn and a chain link fence in front of me. It is a high fence, I haven’t really even looked up to see where it ends, I assume it ends attached to heaven, lol. As I’ve been talking to God about this, it has been interesting and today I wanted to share some things I have concluded about boundaries. I didn’t even realize the picture was attached to boundaries.

About a month ago I went to pray with some women in a pattern we call Sozo. I believe I’ve heard it began at Bethel Church in California and many have been trained here locally. Sozo in Greek translation, which hubby and I discussed last night regarding names and language, means “whole, save or saved”. This formula for prayer has proven healing for my heart. Several people have asked me what Sozo is, it’s hard to explain it, but here is my experience:  As I prayed with two ladies that seemed judgement free (which I know we are not but we’re trying), I saw a giant cement wall in front of me, I assume that was the wall that has been guarding my heart for many years, only it wasn’t guarded it was hidden. On the lining of the wall were words in all different fonts and sizes of the words I have been defining myself with such as shame, guilt, regret and many others.  As I prayed with these two beautiful women, I asked God some really good questions and He and I buried, at the bottom of the sea, so many of those definitions. I know I will continue to uncover more, but now I have a picture of what ask myself to rid me of those labels. I believe we all have them, it started with Adam and Eve and the tempter in the garden. In that time with sisters in Christ, I watched God flood the wall down, not only down, but below the surface of the land I could see. He cleaned out the rooted foundations of my wall! Then, so beautifully I saw color and I could see land, feel the wind in my face, walk on the shore. It was like the ocean was flushed into my heart as God poured out His love to me. And then I went to a place of beauty, I always assume I would go into the mountains, but that day I went onto the shore with the waves, the sun, the gentle breeze and I sat there watching the beautiful ocean and how it knows where to end up next to the shore, and I was safe with Father, Son, and Holy Spirit and we laughed! That is my second experience with Sozo and the first is equally as rich with color and beauty, praise Jesus.

Since that experience, which may sound dry as written compared to MY experience, God has shown me this chain link fence. As I have talked to others about boundaries the past few months, I am realizing what that picture is for me. This morning as I talked with Jesus about that picture, we went a little deeper and this is what we talked about. So far I haven’t seen a gait in that fence, I can see people on the other side, but there is no gait for entry OR exit. I can see others at a distance, but no faces are clear right now. This morning one face became clear, hubby’s! I built a gait and invited him into my part of the yard, as he entered however, I said to him, ” You will be here a lot, but sometimes I will ask you to leave for some time.” That was a strange thing to say to the man I sleep with right?!? I thought it was so of course, I had to dig deeper. (If we ask Jesus, He will take us deeper.) In that picture he showed me that as hubby leaves we are smiling at one another, we kiss good-bye and let go of each others hand and he leaves in joy and I remain in joy. As we part ways for a short period of time, we both know first, we will return and second, we will have time with Jesus and other friends. That was a joy filled moment for me, because as a married couple that is so close AND works together, we spend a lot of time together and we both love it. That being said, we are both struggling to discover who we are individually with Jesus too, and without everyone leaving my yard, I wouldn’t get that time and neither would he.

That has taken my heart to a new level today, I hope that something I offered about my story will speak to something in your heart. I would LOVE to hear from anyone reading this if you have had or would like to have a Sozo experience. I know I am open, but I trust Jesus writes these with me so it offers hope and His light to be shined so that He will be glorified in it.


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