I Bet I Say It First!

This morning as I was getting ready, I heard this song…

I pictured Jesus in my mind as the Bride comes together for our Groom and we sing, “Your Beautiful!” to Him. As I was picturing walking in to the church and Jesus waiting at the front (google “grooms watching their bride come down the aisle”), I looked at Him and He said, “Your beautiful” to me. We chuckled as I strolled to the front of the church because I was singing it to Him but He said He had told me, “I bet I say it first”. When I tell Him I love Him, it’s typically in response to Him already wooing me by saying it to me first. Jesus and I laugh together a lot. Actually, the more I laugh with Jesus in the mornings, the more I laugh throughout the day.

Jesus and I are on a journey together right now. He has some powerfully wise women around me nurturing my Christian walk, it is such a blessing. If you don’t have those around you, please recall…We are an average of our closest five friends! He also has some women who have been so beaten up and broken by this world, relationships, jobs, finances, children, and they all have hope that God is offering more. I believe the common denominator is Jesus, we all love Jesus. We are all learning what it looks like to love Jesus more, and in turn, love others more.

I get the privilege of leading our daughters and somewhat our son. God gave me the position when He picked them for our kids. Sometimes, God places women in my life that look like the least of these, and I have the privilege of walking with them into truth and love as Jesus gives. His disciples weren’t perfect, we know the stories (and how sometimes in some teachings their flaws may have been embellished, but we know they were human) and we know Jesus loved them dearly. Peter denied He knew Jesus three times, after Jesus told him that’s what he would do! The power of words is mighty in our lives! None of us should ever claim perfection in any area, that is the minute God will prove His might and our lack of perfection. But, the truth is, God is working on all of us. I want to know where a woman is looking when she knows things aren’t as they should be. As Christians, we know that God has said He will work on us until completion on the day of Jesus Christ. When I think of me being an average of my closest five friends, my eyes first go to Hubby. If I am close to being a person that practices self control and doesn’t use my tongue to harm others like him, just those to traits alone give me a great start. That being said, I learn from him every day how to treat others with respect.

Next I would go to those I spend time with, do they love Jesus? Are they seeking Him and His will in their lives? Am I? I don’t look for perfection in those I love, I want them to know they aren’t perfect, admit when they mess up, go to Jesus in repentance so He can show them a better way to do it next time. I want us to all have a willingness to talk through any conflict with grace, trust, gentleness, and dignity. That is who I long to be at the end of the day, so as His bride comes together for Jesus to come, I will let Him change me into that person daily!

This is conversation with Jesus in my life. I start with a beautiful song and then I look to Jesus. I don’t know why I felt called to share this today, but I wanted others to know what a relationship with Jesus looked like to someone else. A few shorts years ago, I didn’t have a clue. One day, I started silencing my mind and opening my heart and Jesus’ voice got louder and I never want it to stop! We had a patient ask me last week how I knew that God gave me my word for the year…Beloved. I had to stop and think about that. He is a seeker and Im sure God brought him into our doors so we can share His Son. That is an open invitation to share Jesus light with another!Hope you have an incredible day and praying for you to find the voice of Jesus inside. God Bless! ♥️

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