Happy New Year!

Christmas and New Year’s have come to an end and 2018 has begun! 2018 is looking like it will be year of MANY changes, it’s a good thing I like change. That being said, I am a little nervous about the changes that I will have to make if I want to see many more of these new years.

I have been itching for several months now, really bad itching. When I scratch any area of my body, it causes a worse need to scratch and feels as if it is bone deep! We have tried many things to remedy the problem but it persists. This last week, Hubby showed me an article on the internet that may be the answer to the itching. To remedy it, at least the symptoms, it will require looking at life very differently. What he showed me makes perfect sense in the scheme of my suffering this past year, it is called Primary Biliary Cirrhosis. Basically, my bile ducts get swollen and doesn’t let bile flow through freely so stuff gets stuck in the liver which causes cirrhosis, both of the bile ducts and liver. It is more common in women and diagnosis is typically in middle age or directly after pregnancy. It is an uncommon autoimmune disease and they don’t know what causes it to occur in anyone. If this is the diagnosis that tests prove, the lifestyle changes I will make will be challenging to say the least.

There is no cure for PBC and it can flare up at any time, even with the new ways of living that I am making. God and I have been working on changing the way I do life over the past several years, but I never realized the extent that PBC may require me to change to just add years to my life. I’m so grateful that God has been working with me and I have been listening, I couldn’t make the necessary lifestyle changes if this was Jan 1, 2017! He has been encouraging, letting me know that I don’t have to agree with the lies of our enemy anymore. I can be a woman with a healthy lifestyle, through my actions, just like anyone else that creates margin in their life for it. I know I have made comments about the way others eat when it is healthy, I think I was jealous that I didn’t pick that for myself. When I look at where I am going, I am not afraid that I can’t do it. My thoughts go to what it will look like when I get there and how God has strategically placed people around me that choose life through their food choices and I say, “Thank you Daddy!”. It is so much easier to make good eating choices when I am surrounded by others that do, even Hubby is joining me on this health plan! I feel so blessed.<3

There is my biggest blessing of my life, Hubby. It doesn’t matter what I need in life, he will do what he can to support me, encourage me, and will do it with me! I don’t know how I got so blessed in the department of Hubby’s, but I would take mine back any day of my life.  I got a coffee mug for him this Christmas and you can’t read it until it is filled with warm coffee. The mug reads,

To my Husband

Thanks for being my husband

If I had a different husband I would Punch him in the face and go find you.

Love, Your Wife

That is exactly how I feel about Matt Ford! God gave us to each other and we both said yes! Anytime I have gone through health issues, he has been right by my side. Something I share often in public is how he loved me when I was on life support for a week in 2009, Hubby was at the hospital before he went to work, came to see me at lunch, and returned to say good night to me before he went home to take care of our three teenagers. To say that he has taken good care of me is an understatement. So, as I face another bout of stupidness with my health, I am once again thanking God for His love in Hubby.

Hubby likes to cook, he finds life in it, so now we have to figure out healthier things to make that will feed life to both of us. I am not typically even involved in preparing our meals, but I am going to start playing a key role in it. I am looking for some ways to prepare vegetables like squash and zucchini, I eat very few veggies as of now, but will try anything again! If you have some good ones, please send them to me. Also, if any of my readers are healthy eaters please share how you got there with me. I need encouragement and accountability, I have both but can use all I can get!

I know that 2018 will be a year filled with favor, love, and goodness. God and I, we have a plan for good and it includes me living life to the full! So, please be in prayer for me. Life is getting good with Jesus and I trust Him, He could decide to heal me at any moment and I believe He will. I simply want to do my part here. God bless and Happy New Year to all of you!

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