Captivating Advanced! Here I come…

I am so excited to head to Colorado this evening!! This will be my 6th time at the Fraser, CO campsite for Captivating events, and my second time at the Advanced course. My life was changed at the first Captivating event that I attended in 2013, Stasi Eldredge told me that Jesus would come for me and I truly didn’t know if I believed her. It wasn’t just the retreat, but what I asked God for at that retreat has been coming to fruition ever since. I didn’t know what in the world she meant when she said that, but today I could share all of the ways He has! Any which way, this is what I know is true, Jesus WILL come for you. You are not required to do anything but seek Him and the rest is up to Him.

As I prepare my heart and belongings for the four day trip, gratefulness arises like a flood within me. I know He has done some really amazing things with each opportunity of time I have taken out of my life to find Him in the mountains. Yes, I spend the mornings with Him and think on Him throughout the days, but there is something extra spectacular about meeting Jesus in the mountains. I was blessed to attend last fall with a couple of ladies from my church. That one was a basic Captivating, and though l’d attended three times before, there is always something new that God wants to share with me. That particular trip it didn’t appear as if it would be snowing, the weather reports read that it would be fairly warm and never cold enough to offer snow. For anyone that knows me, you know that snowflakes are the way that God kisses me! That weekend, I took some of the free time to drive into the mountains and see if I could get closer to the possibility of some kisses from heaven and guess what? It snow showered! It was fabulous! I began my dissent from the mountains just in time to drive back on the highways with the snow pounding against my windshield and I smiled a huge smile all the way back. When I left to go up the mountains, it wasn’t even chilly enough for a coat or jacket, so I didn’t have one with me. I ended up texting my friends asking them to bring a coat out to my car so I wouldn’t have to walk from the parking lot without one. This time, the weather channel says there is a chance that I will get a repeat of that beautiful weather and though it chills my bones, it warms my heart so I am thrilled!

God romances me with snow, how does He romance you? Ever thought about it? Some I’ve talked to say that their romance is in the wind, I can’t say I fancy having my hair in my face so that’s not romantic to me, but it works for them. Each of us has our own language with God. He is calling out to us through that language every single day, but as I said in my last post, the distractions keep me from seeing it. When I take the time away to unplug from the world and plug into God, I don’t miss near as many of God’s advances toward me. Love comes in so many packages and ways, and we all interpret things completely differently, isn’t it awesome to have a God that knows us so intimately that He speaks straight to our hearts in our very own language?! I encourage you to take a little time each day to see Him speaking to you through this beautiful world He gave us and when you do, share it with someone. The way we learn as a family to call on Him together is by sharing how awesome of a God He is with each other! That is the key to unity within the family of God.

Today I pray that you will encourage someone with a beautiful thing that God has offered you. Doing so may save a soul, or it may just fulfill you in a new way. Either way or both, God is doing a new thing and He wants you to be a part of it! God bless, have an awesome week and I will post again when I get home.

“Blessed is she would has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.”

Luke 1:45

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