His Amazing Mind

Hubby and I definitely view life through different lenses. I’m not saying that with any judgement, it is simply a fact. Though many times I think my way is the best way, I have found in the past 28 years that Hubby’s mind takes care of a lot of the little details that I would not think of until it was a necessity! Then panic would set in and that breeds chaos and then we have ourselves in an argument. If that were the only incredible thing about Hubby, I’d say I got rather blessed in the marriage department.♥️

Here’s what brought these thoughts on, we’ve been working to get our house in order and we are just about there. But, the little details still have to be looked at so that I don’t ever get to panic mode. It doesn’t happen nearly as often as it used to, thank you Jesus. I don’t think Hubby and I even spoke harsh words to one another on this move.😳 That being said, if he hadn’t done a lot of the details, I may not have electricity today. I haven’t always been like this, I used to handle many details in our moves, but after being sick and discovering he loves to do it, now I know to turn it over and rest in his amazing mind.

This morning we have been visiting about our new comforter and the colors, we finally found one we like. We’ve been working on finding one since we sold our house seven weeks ago. Now that we brought one home we like, our decorating can begin. Because our bedroom can be seen from the living area the colors need to coordinate and our comforter was the first step. (We brought three others home and they just weren’t right.) Hubby had some Izod sheets he’d gotten from Marshall’s (for a very good price) and he really wanted to find a comforter to match and we did! As soon as the decision was made, the sheets were in the washer. Next, he began looking on the internet to find more sheets, and he ordered them. I would have thought about doing that after I washed the same sheets over and over, see, he gets the details taken care of and now I will have clean sheets and can postpone washing the dirty ones.😏

Here is where the trouble comes in when you are married to your opposite… though you love the qualities in them that help, when they become a hindrance to your own way they get ugly. In other words, now that the sheets are done, he has gone on to the windows and that is a place where I want to weigh in. The way I handle our differences of opinion today (which is way more healthy than in the past) is to wait. He has ordered window coverings and I will see what I think when they arrive. We have to send back and take things back more because another incredible thing about him is this, he listens to me when I don’t care for a choice he’s made. Marriage is balancing act, it’s two opinions brought to the table and inevitably when you don’t see eye to eye, one person gets their way. Period. How you make that decision is what is worked on over the years with each other. And, our past does not have to equal our future, we can change our minds about how we will respond and grow to love one another better.♥️

The title is what my heart sees toward Hubby. As I am typing this, he is in the living room putting more things away. His mind focuses on the details, and for that (even when it drives me up a wall) I will always be grateful. He takes care of the details of our lives so I don’t have to, he’s good at it. Also, he’s a little controlling and he wants to make sure they are done and I don’t always get things done on time. I figure I am benefiting from the nature God gave him and I wouldn’t change a thing (well not too much, lol).

“So again I say, each man must love his wife as he loves himself, and the wife must respect her husband” Ephesians 5:33 NLT


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