You’ve Been Accepted!!

Yay!! I am thrilled to announce that I have been accepted at my first choice for Graduate School – Oklahoma City University!! I’ve been waiting to see if I would be accepted to give you any more information on my choices, It’s Time! I got my acceptance letter in the mail today and this email was in my gmail this morning, I can hardly believe it. When applying, I realized that I didn’t have all the requirements to be accepted simply (I needed a 3.0, I graduated undergraduate with a 2.93), so it was a waiting game.

When I made the decision to attend graduate school I didn’t really know where I wanted to attend. We have several patients at our office that are either students or faculty at a few of the university’s in the city but the one with the best program is OCU. I weighed a lot of different things when making my decision, one of the factors was proximity. I know that I will have group study, library time, and counseling sessions to perform on-site so a school far out wasn’t a great option. From the proximity question I narrowed it down to three schools that I thought would work for me. From there, I decided to visit the campuses and talk with someone on staff that could give me the run down on the program and how it works for part time students.  I also wanted to get a feel for the culture of the campus and the people experience I would have. OCU’s courses and how they run, eight week classes and one at a time was perfect for me as a returning student. The location is great since I will have to go straight from the office and its close. From there, I wanted to know the culture, I want a diverse group of people so that I get to see life from all kinds of perspectives. Because of those reasons and more, my first choice became OCU.

I wasn’t sure about getting into this program considering I didn’t finish college with a 3.0. I was hoping that mine would be close enough that they would say yes, and they did. I visited the campus and met with the director of the program, I didn’t realize that it was an interview but during our visit he called it one. One of the other things that I couldn’t supply the school with a recommendation from one of my professors. I told the director that I doubted any of my professors were still teaching and if they were, I REALLY doubted they would remember me. I asked who else might work to provide letters of recommendation and the look on his face let me know how important the professor letter was to my being accepted. When I shared with him that I had received an email from the person that typically handles correspondence with prospective students and that he told me I would have to have the professor recommendation, the director told me our interview could suffice for the professor recommendation. He also told me not to limit myself on my initial essay they had us write about why we were interested in attending and pursuing this particular degree, it has a 250 word limitation on it. I didn’t go nuts when I wrote my essay, it wasn’t multiple pages, but it was a full page, single-spaced. I think my story is what sold them on me, not many people nearly die and then decide, “I think I want to go back to school”.

It has taken me eight years to get to this place, though I knew back then that I wanted to go back. Thankfully, God has given me the opportunity to pursue my education and work toward some dreams I’ve had for many years. I will start as a probationary student which means I’ll have a semester to prove if I am serious and if I have what it takes to get this degree. I don’t fully know if I am ready, I don’t even know if my brain will work well enough to memorize and recall all that I need to to succeed. What I do know is that I am as ready as I will ever be and I sense God’s hand all over it so I will rejoice no matter what. I am excited and I am ready, graduate school, OCU, here I come!!♥️

“For I can do everything through Christ, who gives me strength” Philippians 4:13

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