Holy Closet Batman!

You saw the before picture of the closet, so I had to share the after. Hubby had our closet unpacked AND organized before bed the day we moved, long before bedtime! Awesome right?!? Everything from three closets in our old house fits into this one closet here!! I told you he went in to our closet about every six months and reorganized my things so that they were folded and neat, this is his thing. Early on in our marriage, we had three little ones and both were running ragged. One evening we were having company over to play cards and relax and our house was a wreck, remember I said three kids?? I probably should have said four kids, because back then I was messier than all three of them put together! We had about 30 minutes before our company was to arrive and so I told Hubby that we needed to get the house picked up and presentable. We both got up and I headed in the kitchen and he disappeared. About ten minutes later, I went to find him to see what he was working on, guess where I found him? In the closet, folding our clothes and straightening things up.

As you can probably imagine, we had an argument. I was shocked that with company coming, he decided the best place to start was in our bedroom, in the closet! I remember being livid, I felt like I was going to have to make the house presentable by myself and that wasn’t fair, they were his kids too. We began yelling at one another and thus began a marriage long disagreement that I have decided to make fun of rather than get angry about, at least in the last five or so years. When I finally got to the root of why he felt it necessary to begin in the closet, though it still doesn’t make sense to me, I discovered his need to have things orderly. His reasoning was, and still is today, that if we don’t get the closet organized to have space for the things laying out, then we will have a closet that is disorderly and that creates more chaos for him that is unnecessary. My personality is to shove things behind closed doors and deal with them when you have time to, or start earlier so that the closet can be first.

As you can see, things haven’t changed much in the way Hubby deals with mess and chaos, and getting the closet organized first was his priority. I do have to agree that having our closet organized and ready with all of our things is really awesome. Today, I am grateful that he is turned that way, and that he doesn’t require me to be that way too. Marriage is give and take and learning the ways of the other person, and accepting them just as they are. Though Hubby’s quirks (as I call them) still bug me at times, I see them as blessings more often today. Our house is livable and every time we’ve moved, within 48 hours, it always is! If I were running the show, I doubt we would still be able to find anything! Instead of complaining or getting angry about this particular “quirk”, I have found peace in knowing that it will be a blessing in my life if I let him live his life as he pleases. So today, just three days in, our house is mostly unpacked. What is left, unfortunately, is my office so I am sitting on my bed writing this post.

I have so much more to catch you up on, but today I wanted to let everyone know we are in and life has resumed. Hubby was at work yesterday morning, forging ahead and taking care of his patients. I stayed home to rest, moving wears me out! Today I am trying to get my life back into some kind of routine. I got all of my bathroom things unpacked and though we don’t have a comforter on our bed or pictures on the walls yet, our bedroom is mostly finished. Routine is important to me so now I am figuring out where I have put everything and how to run a morning routine in this house. So far, I am loving the space we have and all the storage in the bathroom. We will be able to get this house made into our home by the end of the long weekend coming up and life will be fully enjoyable again. Though moving is difficult, I choose to look for joy in it and the weekend was full of it. Hard work, organization, and laughter are the keys to a great move and we had them all! Hope you have an incredible week and God bless!

“Always be full of joy in the Lord. I say it again – rejoice!” Philippians 4:4



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