Off We Go!

I’m so excited to head out on vacation with Hubby!! It was a rough night for both of us, tossing and turning the entire time. He was up really early and though I slept a bit later, it wasn’t enough when tomorrow begins at 5 AM. None the less, Hubby was super sweet this morning but wanted to converse and that would not have been healthy for the day before a trip. I dragged myself out of bed but it wasn’t a pleasure to do so. I am going to be later to work than I had planned because I needed time to reconnect with Jesus and offer Him some of my attention. Gratefully, He pulled me out of my funk as I gazed up at Him and danced around my room. A worship session always lifts my heart and my eyes to my Maker. Now, I am ready to start the day and will have the energy and strength that I need to offer Jesus to those He places in my path, thank you Lord. (The cups are part of our mug collection. It’s so sweet when Hubby thinks about which one each of us will use and brings it to me in the mornings.♥️ Thank you Hubby!😍)

I’m so grateful for the opportunity to travel. My mom was a traveler and she used to tell me about the places she would get to go and I recall asking God for the chance to travel. He has given us more opportunity than I could have even imagined, that’t the God we serve! Early in our marriage, we started our family. That could have been the end of my travel bug being fed, financially it was limited a lot. God provided us the most incredible experiences free! And not only once, but several times! Hubby and I entered for a free trip to a ranch in Montana in 2001, it was a tough season for us in every way. We moved to Oklahoma City and Hubby was working for my dad’s campaign rather than using his Chiropractic degree, and my dad wasn’t paying him much… We didn’t have much but we had each other and a dream, but definitely no funds to travel. That particular night I threw a fund raiser for my dad and afterward we went to a Bricktown bar with some of his other campaign volunteers. We both registered to win an incredible vacation and on Monday Hubby received a “same-day” delivery from the contest letting him know he won! Not only was it the ranch, but it was air fare, money to pay the taxes on the trip, luggage, full transportation, and 100% inclusive. There was NOTHING we could pay for, the staff would be dismissed immediately if they took a tip. It was the dream of a lifetime and I knew that God was answering the desires of my heart.

A couple of years later, Hubby won another trip from the same company only this time it was to Florida for racing school! That was an “opportunity of a lifetime” and God gave it to us, it really is hard to believe. I won a trip to Hawaii from my company one year, that place is gorgeous. My dad has provided some vacations for us, little did he know he was being used by Daddy to answer the prayers of my heart. We have been blessed beyond reason with travel and this year is no exception. We are headed to Cozumel! We are getting to stay at an all-inclusive, all-adult resort with a really incredible view, and room. I am learning how to budget better each year and this was my treat for us, I was good at making the payments and now we get to enjoy my self-discipline. We are so excited to see this place that we’re going, it is our first time to this resort brand. We have heard incredible things!

Tomorrow morning we wake up in our own bed one more time, then off we go! I will fill you in on what we do and see when I get back for sure, but if I get the itch to write I will share some while I’m there. Have an awesome week and I pray God blesses you with the desires of your heart as you seek Him first!

Seek the Kingdom of God above all else, and live righteously, and He will give you everything you need. Matthew 6:33

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