It’s the Little Things

A few years ago Hubby and I wrote a blog together for about nine months. His writing is actually incredible. He struggles with writing because he says he doesn’t really know what other people want to know. That is the life of an Enneagram 5, they have tons of knowledge in their brains and have problems sifting through it to offer the best stuff either through writing or in person. The cool thing is that God has been working on him to write over the past few years and I know He will lead Hubby there.

I would love for him to write about “how to love your wife well”. No, he is not perfect and pulling emotion out of him has been a true act of God. That being said, he is excellent at the little things. For the past several years our morning routine has been for him to get up first, make coffee, and head to his chair to read the Bible. When I wake up, I grab my phone and begin reading the Bible and when he sees my first devotional come up as “completed”, he knows I’m awake and grabs me coffee. He brings it to me and gives me a kiss. How could a day in your marriage start any better? Today I am thinking on this even more because I came to my office to write and found a tape dispenser and stapler. I’d forgotten I’d mentioned in front of him that I needed one for my home office a few weeks ago. Hubbys out there: these are the little things.

It’s funny, when he hears a story of how another man has treated their wife poorly, it kind of upsets him. He has so much wisdom regarding loving me well and taking care of my heart and when he hears things he will tell me what they should do differently. Though emotions are tougher for him to express, he is deeply emotional and that seems to drive how he cares for me. Coffee is just one little part of it, but it starts my day incredibly. My hope is that Hubby will begin to write again and when he does, start sharing his secrets about leading me to be a wife that is highly grateful to be married to him.

I have no doubt that if something were to happen to me there would be a line of women who have known him and our relationship and they would want the opportunity to know him more. He is really deep though he can come off as indifferent at times. That is just a part of his personality and how he protects himself, it’s one that I fell in love with. I can get too involved in someone else’s story and he helps me to keep safer boundaries in place.

God blessed me with the man of my youth and he continually reminds me that he feels equally blessed. If you would like a little of his wisdom, you can read it at That was the year that God used our sex life to save our marriage and deepen our intimacy to where it is today. No, our marriage has not always been like this, but today it is. The best part of our marriage today is the fun we have together and that is my encouragement for your marriage today. Find a way to have fun with your spouse this week, it will make a huge difference in how you feel about them. God bless every marriage of anyone who is reading this today!

“Let your wife be a fountain of blessing for you. Rejoice in the wife of your youth.” Proverbs 5:18


  1. I would love to read what a five has in their minds! I am surrounded by fives and they baffle me and bless me. Write on, Matt!, inquiring minds (sevens) want to know!
    Remind him, when he writes, don’t write what he thinks others want to know, write what he wants to share and what he wants others to learn. All will benefit greatly!

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    1. Great advice sister!! Cuz this seven wants to know too!! I took a screen shot of this and sent it to him. Sometimes it gets through quicker if someone else tells him😉. I love you dear sister friend!! Have a great trip, I’m praying for you. ♥️😍😘


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