Waiting on the Lord

This morning I received a text from a dear friend that led me to think on how I’ve waited on the Lord. Hubby and I both feel called to minister to men, women, and marriages. We both love Jesus and desperately want to lead others to His heart. A few years ago Hubby and I were both living out that calling by offering Wild at Heart to men, Captivating for women, and leading small groups for married couples. We were excited for Christ and wanted everyone to know about it and about how Jesus brought us to that place. Sadly, those days are gone. It’s been over three years since Hubby led a boot camp and longer than that for me since I led a Captivating. We have started a couple of marriage groups, but our hearts were so wounded that we couldn’t get them off the ground.

I’ve watched as Hubby stagnated in his walk for a season, I know that I did. We never stopped talking about Jesus, but the wounds caused by men cut deep and we haven’t fully trusted ourselves to lead. Men can cause wounds so deep that sometimes it chases another believer away from Christ rather than to Him. I knew that God had a plan in it all, I have a really high degree of faith and hope. Hubby wasn’t so sure however. I’ve gotten to have a front row seat as he has struggled with his calling, with people letting him down, and with what to do with his calling now that his job in that ministry is over. All three years he has talked about offering Wild at Heart again, but this time, he will lead the ministry so hopefully the enemy won’t slither in quite as unnoticed as in his last ministry. He’s been afraid of what others will think if he does this on his own. He’s been afraid that he may fail and then wouldn’t want to continue. I’ve sat back and let Jesus take the wheel on this subject and loved him through it all.

Guess what? It’s time! Hubby came home from his time with Jesus this past weekend and announced that he’s ready! First of all, thank you Jesus. Secondly, yay! I know my husband’s heart even though others may not. He wants to help men find Jesus heart and rediscover their own heart in the process. We long to see marriage survive and thrive for the Kingdom and for family legacy. The only way Hubby and I know how to do this today is from the pain we suffered at the hands of men. It’s interesting how God uses really painful things to make our futures known and better. We both had to suffer so that we could do it better when God called us up. This morning I started toying with the idea of offering a Captivating for women in Oklahoma again. I started it in 2014 but had the ministry I created ripped out from under me and was completely banished from everyone in it. Ouch, right? But God (my two words) has built my character as a wife, a friend, and a mom, and a leader. He is not done with me just because some people are. God showed me His protection in that situation, I am blessed that it happened.

I’m not sure about anything yet, but I am excited that God has shown Hubby a plan. I am excited that He opened up the idea for me again as well. I have been waiting. I don’t know if Hubby was waiting or running, but either way, the wait for him is over. Waiting on God’s timing is tough, especially when you are a person of action and quick decision making. Through those “tough” times is when God is preparing us for the journey ahead. What is your journey ahead? How do you see God using you for the Kingdom? And what is your part to finish up the waiting?

“Even youths will become weak and tired, and young men will fall in exhaustion. But those who trust in the Lord will find new strength. They will soar high on wings like eagles. They will run and not grow weary. They will walk and not faint.” Isaiah 40:30-31

PS. Hubby and I also agreed on our ministry name. Just so you know, we’ve been working on that since 2014, Hubby doesn’t make decisions quickly. I will announce it when we are ready!

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