Offense is Way too Simple

I am not offended by you. I would have to give you more of a place in my life to let you offend me. Offense is for the weak, right? I am down right done with you. There comes a place where we all have to ask ourselves if it’s worth it. Is it right? Is it God’s best for me?

Wow, just wow. My dad would approach me with wow, just wow anytime I saw things differently than he did. I kind of get it now. My truths have always been way different than his and I never understood why other people thought his truths were right. I just felt crazy. I should have known that I would get here, I had to see it eventually. 50 years is a long time though, a long time to believe that I’m the one who’s crazy.

God is so good y’all. If you can’t see anything else, I pray through my writing that you see that He is so good. So good! My scared little girl wouldn’t even talk to me today and I had to give her that right. That was about the hardest thing I have ever done. I’ve spent most of my life running, hiding, commanding, and telling her to shut up. I’m done. She doesn’t have to shut up! She has been wounded and left in a corner to die and I am not going to die, at least not anytime soon. I will protect my little girl for the rest of my life, if it is the last thing I will ever do!

God is the God of miracles and I believe in Him. You don’t have to believe today, but please watch my story and see how He works miracles. He just does. I don’t get it and I can’t fully explain it but He works miracles. He brings the dead to life, you can read it for yourself. He has given us this little bit of time on this earth and the enemy will try and steal all of it if he can. He little, he’s scared, he knows his time is limited but ours is not. He wants us to know that here. Now. He has a purpose for every single one of us in this family and He will not leave us or forsake us. I want to live out that purpose and He just reminded me that I have been, every day of my life. I needed to be in the family that I am in because God had a purpose. That is good enough for me and tomorrow I pray I can speak with my little girl and comfort her while she tries to look my way.


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