Blessing In Chaos

Life is a bit chaotic in the Ford household right now. Good chaotic, but still chaotic. To catch you up just a bit I will fill you in. We started discussing how fun it would be to move into Midtown OKC our 25th year of marriage. We passed by a new construction of apartments there one day and both of our hearts leaped. We had a brief conversation and then never really considered it seriously. We bought our house a year and a half ago and have really not enjoyed this neighborhood. No one visits with anyone and though I have put effort into knowing at least a couple of our neighbors, there has been no reciprocation. A couple of other things happened and it led us to have the Midtown conversation again. Last month we made the decision to sell our house and start a new adventure, so here we go!

Our house sold in nine days after much negotiation with the buyers, while we were in Florida with our office team, I might add. They needed a quick closing date because they are moving in from Texas. So, we are moving the day after Thanksgiving and we are downsizing 1000 square feet. Hubby can do that kind of downsize in his sleep were it all up to him. Not me. I have a lot of my mom’s things and all of her Christmas village just for starters. Gratefully, God gave us a building for Hubby’s practice this year with a fully finished attic that is at least 600 square feet and Hubby has agreed to let me use a lot of it. I shared with him had that not been the case, the apartment may not have worked so well for me. I have a tough time letting go of things that my mom touched, it’s like having a little piece of her here with me. Though I would say that I have gotten rid of much more now that I am healthier and Hubby really appreciates that.

Not only do we have the move coming, but we also have a trip to Colorado this weekend which leaves us even less time to pack. Then one weekend to paint and prepare the apartment, then Thanksgiving, then we move. Following that is all of the holiday parties and my 50th birthday. We are going to be busy! But, for my personality, this is fun. I like a lot to do and thrive on adventure. Hubby is the one who handles the details of said adventures though so I understand how he could be a bit more stressed than me. It came to a head this past weekend so I sent him to spend time with Jesus and I packed the house. It was a blessing to him and to me. I know we will get it all done, we always do.

As busy as things are, I have never felt more at peace and blessed in all of my life. God has been so good to us. The word He gave me this year was BLESSED. I can tell you that with over a month remaining in this year, I can’t imagine anymore blessing and yet I know there is more to come. God lavishes His children and He has shown me the meaning of the word blessed in greater ways that I could have ever imagined. I am watching our children’s hearts call out to Jesus, something I have prayed for so long. I am watching people around us ask questions about Jesus in ways that are personal for them. wanting a piece of what we have. I am watching so many fruits of blessing in my life and I am more grateful than I have ever been. I just say, “God, keep doing what you do and I will follow.”. I have asked Him for so many things and He continues to remind me to ask for more. I pray you will ask Him for your heart’s desires, and I would love to hear how they are coming true.

“Blessed is she who has believed that the Lord would fulfill His promises to her.” Luke 1:45


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